Term 1

We have been very busy in P2S this term.  As part of our topic 'Houses and Homes' we went on a learning walk in the local area to see what type of houses that we could see.  We decided that semi-detached houses were the most common houses around the school. 



We always look forward to Activity Based Learning because we can carry out lots of fun tasks and activities that are related to our topic.  We made house boats out of junk materials and tested them to see if they sink or if they float.  Some of us enjoyed making the house boats so much that we made some at home and brought them into school to test them.


We also created shields to decorate our role play castle.  As part of our design we wrote our first initial and then we had to draw the type of house that we live in, our favourite animal and something that we enjoy doing.  They looked really colourful when they were finished.  We then decided that we needed to make crowns to wear in our role play area.  We made great Kings and Queens.


We have been developing our ICT skills using the iPads to draw the types of houses that we live in.  We are great at adding the little details.

We have been very busy in the classroom working on our adding skills.  We can use cubes or circles to help us add all the way up to 14.  It's not just 2 numbers that we can add!  We can now add 3 numbers up together. 



We also used our knowledge of 2D shapes to create colourful shape pictures.  We had some very original ideas such as under the sea, trees and space!

Mount Stewart

To finish off our Houses and Homes topic we went on a trip to Mount Stewart and had an amazing time.  We really enjoyed travelling on the double-decker bus and we could not believe how big Mount Stewart House was.  We got to dress up as Victorian children and take part in a Victorian school lesson.  We wrote on the slate boards and looked at some very long and difficult reading books.  The Victorian teacher also gave a demonstration of how strict the teachers were back then!  Some of us got to try on the Dunce's hat and to use the finger clamps that used to stop Victorian children fiddling.  After that we went into the 'Big House' and saw the old kitchen, dining rooms and the toy room!  Our guides told us all about how Lady Helen and her young servant, Belle, tried to trick each other by pretending to be ghosts. We were very also very lucky as we were allowed to play with some old toys.   


Forest Schools

As part of the Shared Education Programme we have been working with Forge Integrated Primary to complete the Forest Schools outdoor Education plan.  We have made fabulous Autumn art using only natural resources such as leaves, twigs, conkers and pine cones.  We also made our very own gigantic spiderwebs by wrapping ball of wool around tree trunks.  It was great fun pretending to be spiders in our gigantic webs.  There was also a fun game where we had to use our senses to find different scents on the tree trunks.  We were able to find lemon, garlic, onion, curry powder and perfume scents.  Next time we will be making our very own shelters based on the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'.  We always look forward to our days out in the forest. 


Term 1.2

We have started a new topic 'Shopping' this term.  We are learning about different types of shop and what they sell.  We are also looking at different foods found in shops and in particular we are focussing on healthy eating.  We decided that we would make some smoothies to taste some of the different items of fruit that we have been talking about.  We used raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas and apple juice to make tasty smoothies.  We really enjoyed being able to chop up the ingredients and tasting our handy work afterwards.  


We also completed our last Forest School session until the Spring term.  Despite a very blustery day we still found our way to our forest and had lots of fun with Forge.  First we found smooth and rough objects on the forest floor and then we tried to find twigs to make the sounds and letters that we have been learning about in P2.  The most exciting part was when we listened to the story of the Three Little Pigs and tried to make our own shelters for them.  We made shelters from plastic, bed sheets, tent kits and a parachute.  We really enjoyed testing them out to see if we could fit inside.