P1 - Miss Brown

Welcome to Primary One

We have 2 Primary One classes in Rosetta.

In our classroom your teacher is Miss Brown and our classroom assistant is Mrs Catney.

Our day begins at 8:45am when we get to choose where we will play, we have so much choice! We have 3 play zones to choose from:

  • Blue is outdoor play
  • Green is scientific play
  • Red is imaginative play 

People who help us was our topic in September

Here are some photos from our Police visit.

Thank you PC Sam and PC Keith, we had lots of fun!!

We got to try on all the different hats, we found out about all the parts of their uniform and we even got to sit in the car, turning on the lights and the siren.

The Police are here to keep us safe, we should give them a wave if we see them out and about.

P1B Autumn Walk to Cherryvale

Autumn is a colourful season.

We can use all of our senses as we walk around.

The leaves change colour and fall to the ground, they crunch as we walk through them.

We walked to Cherryvale to see what signs of Autumn we could find.

We had lots of fun.

We didn't see any squirrels, we had hoped we would see them gathering acorns for hibernation.

We will be having lots of fun back in school with all that we collected today.

As a special treat we got to play in the park. Today was so much fun!!!


Our new topic is "Light and Dark"

We will be learning all about;

  • Day and night, making shadows
  • Colours
  • Electricity and lights
  • Space
  • Owls


The Owl Man

Don Scott brought 3 beautiful owls in to show us.

We all got to stroke the Spectacle Owl and some of us were even picked to hold the Owls.

We found out that Owls are NOT all nocturnal, they are silent flyers and they can see up to 1 mile away.

We gave Don some money to buy mice and other food for the owls.

They are amazing birds.

Light and Dark

We will have lots to talk to you about we even set up an amazing cinema where we get to watch movies on a projector. We can become cinema attendants, shop assistants and even customers who can eat some popcorn! We have light boxes for mixing colours, space mats and rockets for small world play and we use torches and other lights in the sand. We even become real life scientists and experiment with colour explosions in our water tray!

Why not come along to our Open Evening on 7th December and see our play for yourself. You will be amazed!

Oh no!!!! Eddie the Elf is back ........

Every year we have a visit from a naughty little elf, he watches how we are behaving but when he is alone he is a little scamp!!!

He brought a little note and made some mischief last night in our classroom ...........

Snapshots from Eddie's month in Primary 1

Today is Letterland Day, the day we celebrate Primary One having completed their phonics course.

What an achievement and what a great chance to dress up and have fun!!

Have a look and see which characters you recognise!

Great effort was put in by the Parents and Children to create their costumes …… We have had a super Letterland Parade around the school to show everyone how fabulous we look.